Trying Google Drive

Well, I’m after finding perfect backup system.

Some time ago I hired SugarSync space and the truth is I am very happy. Currently I have 50 GB worth my time that I have not any complaint about the application. I still miss that can sync folders of removable drives, but even without that gives many turns to the other systems.

Yesterday I started to try Google Drive and good, still has a major drawback with respect to SugarSync, and everything has to be centralized in a folder. On the other hand the price difference is very big so I have launched to try one month.

I Contrado 100 GB for $ 4.99 / month and we’ll see. With SugarSync 50GB I said I got by, but really if I had more space might make backup more.

But I found a problem and in my server (Windows Server 2008) I do not get the desktop application installed. Really installed if installed, but when you login remains indefinitely in a «Please wait …»

That if I is a problem as there are parts that come from the server backup and if the application does not work because not enough for me. For example do I backup the entire folder «wwwroot» or daily backups of MySQL or SQLServer.

EDIT: The solution is to add to Internet Explorer Secure sites domains «» and «»

Knowing that is Google is to be put batteries and must be given time. It is a product that just released and I’m sure that will come subsequent updates with new features and bug fixes.

For now I continue with SugarSync, but when I work in the Server surely pass me Google Drive. It has fewer features, but the price is much less.

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