SugarSync, an improved version of DropBox

Looking for a place to store a backup of my photos and other important data I decided to try DropBox.

But as it was expected, the free version is very short and the paid version seemed very expensive. That is why I looked for alternatives and after trying several I have choosen SugarSync.

It is similar to DropBox, but with some advantages. First of all, instead of having synchronized a single folder (though you have several inside) you can add all the folders that we want, even if they are on different routes in your PC. This is a great advantage because that gives us total freedom to organize our things on your hard disk.

The software that is installed is also much more advanced than DropBox, allowing to associate one folder «A» with one folder «B» from other computer or other computers. These folders remain synchronized regardless of the name or the location of each one.

Also, there is software for Windows, MAC, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad…

They have a free version of 5 GB, and 30 GB for less than $ 5 a month, which is what I have hired. If anyone is interested in trying I will appreciate it you do it through the following link, so I will get a little storage extra.


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