Another opportunity to Google Drive

Having spent a few months since its release, I return to give it another shot to Google Drive to back up my files.

A few months ago my experience left much to be desired but it stands to reason that Google is investing heavily in this product, and therefore have improved.

So I’m back to paying $ 4.99 per 100 GB of storage, time for a month. I installed the new Google Drive on my server 2008 R2 and I’ve gotten a good savagery of files to upload.

For almost two days and has backed up files and 43 GB. As they say it is very slow and that I have a good connection to much more. But hey, I do not worry too much that is somewhat slow with this initial load files.

The truth is that until then everything had gone well. This morning has been a implementation pete. An error of primary key violation if I remember correctly it was one of the mistakes that I constantly when I tried it out a while.

I closed the program and I have rebooted and within 5 minutes it has failed again. I repeated the operation and now takes a couple of hours and so far looks good.

I hope you continue to support files and I can stay with Google because it has a price infinitely better than other alternatives.

Although I still see many shortcomings regarding SugarSync, if at the end I see it works well I’ll change because «need the money», albeit a tad tedious to organize files.

Should improve the desktop application and allow something as simple as seeing that missing to synchronize files, and which is currently.

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