Homemade case for Heli 450

Here you have the new case I have made for my newly released HK450GT Heli Pro.

Everything you need for case I bought at Leroy Merlin, except the foam. The shopping list is:

  • Brush 1,64 €
  • Plastic feet 2 €
  • Glossy varnish Luxens 250ml Oak 5,10 €
  • 2 x Close Box 40mm 1,90 € (unit)
  • Screws 1,12 €
  • Handle 572 Cromo Mate 96mm 2,95 €
  • 28 x brackets 20x20mm 0,15 € (unit)
  • 3 x hinge 50x40mm 2,35 € (unit)
  • Spruce Ribbon 12 x 117 x 2400 mm 8,90 €
  • Spruce Ribbon 12 x 35 x 2499mm 3,45 €
  • 2 x plywood sheet 800 x 400 x 10mm 5,60 € (unit)
  • Foam 20 €

TOTAL: 71, 40 €

Well, as you see there is not the world’s cheapest box as there are any options that sells a store that are cheaper, but the finish is much better, much more robust and with the size you want.

Not much to explain, the pictures speak for themselves. The Leroy Merlin cut pieces of boards under 20cm, so I had to buy strips of appropriate width and cut at home. If you go to another site and they cut all the pieces would be easier. Or if you have a circular saw that cuts very straight so you can cut all at home. I buy ribbons to be sure that the main sides were perfectly straight.

The two tops are 720x370mm. The wider part of the case is 117mm high and the fine  is 35mm.

All connections are made with very small brackets and screws to break through the wood. Although I gave was very strong wood glue to all joints, and then a couple of coats of varnish with a light sanding between.

Here are the pictures before putting the foam interior. First I put some shoe laces with staples and some Araldite to prevent it from opening completely. Then change it to other strings that I found and looked better.

And here provisionally presenting all:

And here already done with the foam in place and trimmed with a foam cutter. You can see the Heli entering the station, 4 batteries, a cardboard box with some basic tools and spare parts, and at the bottom is the charger with the power supply. All the necessary equipment.

Ey, now I have another heli!

And taking advantage of the new pyrographer my mother, she make a drawing for a personal touch.

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