Power supply adjustable using an PC ATX power supply

When you start to have many motors and other gadgets at home, it is essential to have an adjustable power supply, because each device operates at a different voltage, and some of them also have a high consumption. So after a long time mulling over the idea, here is what has been.


Using a computer ATX supply and other components I’ve built a power supply adjustable with four outputs:

  • Adjustable output between 0.8 and 12V and a maximum of 6A
  • Fixed 5V and 40A maximum output
  • Output 12V fixed and 17A maximum
  • Output adjustable between 12 and 35V and maximum 10A

The maximum amps are limited by the power of the ATX supply and the voltage regulators used. Coming from China I’ll try not to take them to the limit and also some other components don’t allow high amperes. For example, connectors banana I’ve used have a theoretical maximum of 19A with it nor should never exceed that amount. Anyway, in the day to day it is rare that pass 5A with the devices that I plug in so at the moment I do not care I some day I will do a 2.0 version with better quality components and a better wiring.

The power supply also has a voltage of each output via a switch meter and a meter overall amperage of all outputs. And two LEDs, one indicate when is plugged in and another when is turned on.

Here are the photos and layout.

DSCF1638 DSCF1641 DSCF1643 DSCF1646 DSCF1649 DSCF1653 DSCF1658 imageesquema4

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