Here is a list of software developed by me, available for anyone who wants to use it:

  • canvasPaint, Paint board with canvas

    It is a jQuery plugin that implement a paint board similar to «Paint».

  • FILE MANAGER compatible WITH CKEditor

    It is a file manager with image editor, compatible with CKEditor.

    It is developed in ASP.NET 2.0 and jQuery.

  • Free DNS Update Service

    Windows service which allows the update of the DNS in FreeDNS whenever it changes our IP.

    Useful for anyone who wants to set up a web server at home without having to hire a fixed IP and without recourse to payment such as DynDNS pages.

  • JS and CSS 1.0 compressor

    Command line program that join and obfuscate automatically CSS and JS files whenever you compile a web project.

    It uses the programs «csstidy» and «jsmin» to join and obfuscate style sheets and javascript files, respectively.

  • Google Maps Capture 1.0

    Windows application that enables the capture and Assembly of the maps from Google Maps from a wide area.

    It also allows the calibration for use in GPS devices.

  • IP Change Notifier 1.0

    This windows application allows to permanently monitor the public IP of our network and let us to know via email if has changed.

    It supports SSL connections to the mail servers so it is possible to use it with accounts like Google (Gmail).

*  All software is distributed under the GNU GPL license.