Image Manager supports CKEditor

Here you have a file manager and special image, a style very CKFinder.

The main characteristics of the manager are being developed based on jQueryand AJAX. This has been achieved very Fluids and friendly interface.

The manager supports any file type. In the case of images shows thumbnails andallows resizing. On the other files descriptive shows an icon file type (for supported).


  1. Download the file and unzip it in a folder in our project
  2. Create a folder in our project to store uploaded files and images
  3. Add a project reference to the DLL «FileManager.dll»included in the «bin»
  4. In case you want to upload large files (over 4 MB) will have to modify theapplication’s Web.config as follows:
    <httpRuntime executionTimeout="240" maxRequestLength="20480"/>

So with these parameters indicate the maximum waiting time to upload a file andthe maximum size (in KB).


To use it simply must open the page «FileManager / Explorer.aspx, preferably in apopup.

When you open the page you can pass by querystring parameter the «id» parameter, indicating the breadcrumb file manager. If you do not specify the parameter, the module will take the root of the web.

CKEditor integration

In the case of wanting to integrate with CKEditor simply have to add the following parameter to the initialization of CKEditor, with appropriate parameters:

filebrowserBrowseUrl: '/FileManager/Explorer.aspx?id=img/files'

Known Bugs:

  1. Not allow the renaming of the root folder
  2. Does not allow accents in the names of the folders

I’ll try to correcting the problems identified. In the same way I would appreciate anyother error report identified and possible improvements.


18 pensamientos en “Image Manager supports CKEditor

    • You are right but there is only one error message in Spanish: «Extensión no soportada». Yo can modify the JS file to catch the error and translate it. If I have time I´ll try to change it.

    • Hi Sputnick,

      Now I have no time for this but you can download the source code and fix the bug. If you do that, please reply here with the bug fix.

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