Google Maps Capture

This program allows you to download maps from Google Maps allowing you to choose the area of the map you want to capture and zoom level and type (or types) of maps to capture. You can download the same area political maps and satellite view for example.

In addition to downloading the program has an option whereby files are generated. MAP with the calibration of the maps so they can be used in GPS devices or programs such as OziExplorer or CompeGPS.

Google Maps Capture

The application is divided into three zones:

Map Control

  • Place: In this box we write some place to look. If you are focusing on the site map. The search is activated by button «Search» just below the navigation arrows.
  • Type: Controls the type of map you’re viewing
  • Navigation arrows: Scroll through the map.


  • Nº Right: Indicates the number of shifts to the right will be the size of the visible map area.
  • Nº Bottom: Indicates the number of journeys to be made down the size of the visible area of the map. This number together with the above defined matrix or table of images that make up the real picture.
  • Generate: This will mark the types of maps that we generate.
  • Calibrate maps: If you check a file is generated. MAP for each map generated with calibration information.
  • Generate Map: Begins the process of generating the map or maps that have defined. The generation is done by joining successive screenshots which will be very important not to minimize the window or other windows to the front during the application.


We navigate the map using the mouse, either by dragging or zooming by double «click».


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