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Have you ever thought of running your own web server at home but I have pushed back the echo of having no fixed IP?

This case is more than normal, wanting to set up a web server (or other) at home and not wanting to pay a fixed IP. In this case normally hear of websites such as DynDNS or no-ip.

These pages allow us, through a program installed on our server, monitor our IP and update whenever you change your DNS. In principle it is just what you need but they have two big problems:

  • You have to pay.
  • We can not run all domains and by example «.es» not worth.

For that there is a solution that is FreeDNS that provides a service similar to the above but is free and works with any type of domain.

As client software to install on the server and automatically update the DNS with our own IP there are several solutions on the page of FreeDNS but there are none of them work as a Windows service (not logged needed) and work modern systems such as Windows Server 2008, and this is where windows receive this service if it works on these operating systems.

Free DNS Update Service

The installation process with no complications, just ask us at any time by our user name and password FreeDNS, where we have an existing account.

The service windows checked every 10 minutes if you have changed our IP and if so updates it in our account FreeDNS. Also leaves behind various log files in the folder itself of the service.

05 /07 / 2011 – New version 1.1

With this new version has added a few shortcomings that had the program. It has also added a small application to configure the service more easily

The setup application has the following tabs:


  • Free DNS Username:  User of our FreeDNS account
  • Free DNS Password: Password of our FreeDNS account
  • Monitorization interval: Minutes between each check of IP
  • Create log files: If you want to create a log file in the program folder with everything that passes
  • History log: If you create log file, save for a few days



  • This window shows all the domains associated with your account and allows us to select which are to be updated. If you only want to update some we go to page FreeDN and set the «Dynamic DNS» as well.

Mail Settings

Allows us to configure the mail server for alerts, in which case we want

  • SMTP Host: mail server address
  • SMTP Port: mail server port
  • Notify to: Email the person who sent the email
  • Use SSL: Indicates if using SSL
  • SSL User: User SSL, if applicable
  • SSL Password: Password for SSL, if applicable
  • Notify IP change: Whether we want to be notified to be a change of IP
  • Notify error: Whether we want to be notified of any error

Historical changes

This window shows a history of the changes we have experienced IP

Changes log

  • Version 1.3
    • Users and passwords encripted into config file
    • Shortcut to logs folder

Updated list of valid IP feeds:


43 pensamientos en “Free DNS Update Service

  1. I am using your programme and its working faster than DD-WRT! However, I have one small query: How is the «detection» of changed IP done? Does it only check the incoming port or some data is sent over the network? Because my internet plan is limited, and if a file is sent or received every 10min or so then I will lose bandwidth quickly.

  2. I just tried to upgrade from v1.1 to v1.2 & was disappointed to find that I had to uninstall the old version the install the new. During this I found that the old version did not uninstall properly, leaving most of but not all it’s settings in it’s directory

  3. I changed from v1.1 to v1.2 because the IP address server became inoperative & the new version uses new servers. It occurred to me that the problem could also have been resolved if there were settings available to determine the server used. Perhaps this could be in a .INI file? Entries would consist of a web address & a rule for extracting my IP from the page (starts at 17th character or ‘after «your address is:»‘ or whatever). eg. starts at character 1

  4. Hi. I have downloaded your program and set it up to send emails. However, it just sends a email containing the words «Testing email from FreeDNSUpdateService» with no IP address, even though I have checked the box for «Notify IP Changes». Could you help? Thank you.

    • You should receive an email with that message when you click the «Test email» buttton. You receive an email with your IP only when your IP change.

  5. Hi, was looking for something like this but It seems that it cannot be installed on server 2012, because server 2012 comes with dotNet 4 installed, the installer is looking for dontNet 2 and cannot continue.

  6. Thanks for the nice client.
    I am facing problem if i want to host my webapp on any port other than 80.
    Like i need to receive request on :58080/Login.jsp
    Is it possible to update the url like this. Please reply if its possible or not.

  7. Hi, I have found my account pwd saved in clear. Could you store it encrypted?
    My stmp server needs auth but not via SSL, can you provide more authentication options?

    Muchas Gracias!
    ciao, Giangi

    • This software is just to update the IP associated with your domains. You should have some kind of software to manage your cameras…

  8. There are many services which will give your choice of text address (like for your numeric IP address (which is issued by your internet provider).
    This software identifies your numeric address to these servers so that they know which address to translate for you. It updates the servers frequently so that changes to your numeric address are a negligible problem.
    Search Google for «dynamic DNS» for a selection of these translating services.

  9. Hallo,

    first of all thx for the nice Tool !!!
    Is that possible to build in a Authentication function for email.
    The Errormessage is: 5.5.1 Authentication Required.


  10. I always got a few alerts with subject «Se ha producido un error en el servicio FreeDNSUpdateService» but in the last days I get hundred of these!! The logs (btw, it looks like the service is not deleting the old ones!) do not give any hints on the error…
    The message is in italian since my UI is italian: Riferimento a un oggetto non impostato su un’istanza di oggetto. English should be: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    I really would like to understand how to solve it!!

  11. When IP is updated the mail message is send with subject «Ha habido una actualización de IP a través de FreeDNSUpdateService».
    I would like to have something more «english» since I don’t speak spanish.
    Thank You!

  12. I have used this program for month. Since December 10th, update fails with error message >Object reference not set to an instance of an object.<

    Did anybody face this issue and solved it? Help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. your stupid program stinks i have been trying hours to get it to work, how hard is it to write a little program to check an ip, send message to dynamic dns service if it changes GEEZ

    i would be enmbarrassed as hell to put out a piece of shit crap like this

  14. it takes a little work, sure, but if one is going to do it, one should do it so it bloody well works

    i have more important thiogs to do but if i was going to do this i would not put out something like this

    • haha, you are so funny…..

      Anyway, there are lots of people very happy using this app since several years ago, and remember, it’s free, you can use it with no cost. If you don’t like, don’t use it

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